Sunday, July 19, 2009

Saturday, July 18, 2009

25 years old, and more awesomeness to come!

I turned 25 years old today, and am very happy to have become a part of the Hong Kong community. I have many more goals and feel I'm on the right track because of this: I've learned how to create meaningful relationships. I care about people and want them to be able to enjoy life as much as I do. That is why you must view this wonderful animation by my fellow photographer friend Li Fan:


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Be a part of Rock History.

After reading a well-written and inspiring Denton Record Chronicle article by Lucinda Breeding I put a few bucks to the Oso Closo Second Album Fund Drive. This Denton band makes awesome, creative music that must be spread to the ear drums of many nations. Oso Closo's website is also very cool and extremely functional. Double Kudos for hosting an epic concert on my birthday at Hailey's in conjunction and MyDentonMusic is streaming it live on the internet - that's great news because I'm in Hong Kong and quite geographically challenged.

Denton Record Chronicle
article suggested by music enthusiast Sarah Crisman via her twitter feed.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Declare Independence / The New American

Björk says:
"Declare Indpendence!
Don't let them do that to you!
With a flag and a trumpet Go to the top of your highest mountain!
And raise your flag!
Higher! Higher!"

The United States of America is a country and an idea, hence:
The New American looks toward diversity as common ground. The New American works toward a sustainable way of life. The New American is peaceful and passionate, open to ideas and innovation yet firm in their beliefs. The New American is not proud of oneself, but proud to empower others. The New American is a global citizen. They need not hold a United States passport in their hands, but simply an idea in their mind, truth in their speech, and actions to complement their noble intentions.

Bjórk has well-guided passion. I do ask of you blog readers, how effective do you perceive her to be?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jason Levi's new blog

The blogosphere is such a wealth of information because it's made by a collective of niche bloggers that offer niche readers and regular folks a new way of looking at their specific problems, ideas, goals, dreams etcetera. One of my new favorites is that of Jason Levi, a trumpet player and author and entrepreneur - and this list continues. Jason's new blog is awesome because it dispels the myth that a person can only be good at one thing. Quite simply, the reason why people are only good at one thing is because someone limited them from their potential, probably by saying "What are you going to be when you grow up" rather than having a more open idea of life and saying "Never grow up and do everything you want to do."

[photo above is from the Addison Jazz Festival a few years ago at a performance of the UNT One O'clock Lab Band]