Thursday, June 26, 2008

Denton My Love

Being back in Texas is great. The food is mmmmmmm and the music is excellent. I'm doing a number of fashion and music shoots, and right in the middle of all the action so I'm posting a few shots that stood out. Up top is Joel Fountain, the originator of Sitmom Records.

Vocalist Melissa McMillan taking a few fun shots.

Joel Fountain in Denton.

Graham Richards of Richards Bros Music. Dave, Graham an myself on the parting shot below:

Friday, June 20, 2008

Back in Texas

I'm back in Texas, but here's a better peek at that shoot I mentioned a while back:

This is a short & sweet look at a shoot for Australian fashion labels "Contraband" and "Things of Substance."

Shot at the Intercontinental Hotel (Ha Noi, Viet Nam) for Contraband's spring and summer line.

Music by the Thad Jones - Mel Lewis orchestra remixed by jazz arranger/composer John Guari
Video by Bethany Bauman (aka "B") and Michal García
model: Kristen Allerton

Below are the stills featured in the video. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ueno is Bueno

...and Harajuku is rad! I'm doing a hit and run tour of Tokyo on my way back to Texas, and arrived at Narita airport this morning, took a train to Ueno and then proceeded to spend 2 hours finding my hotel. A five-minute walk from the Ueno station becomes much longer when you're cartographically challenged in Tokyo.
After a nap, a "sports drink," and an invitingly warm toilet seat encounter (just don't press the buttons) I met up with my friend JeeHye who I went to UNT with - college. It's great to meet up with old friends in new and interesting places! Here are a few shots from the day:

Sunday, June 15, 2008

look mom...I'm on VTV!

The benefit gig the Van Ho Ba played at the Green mango was filmed by VTV in Ha Noi, Viet Nam and televised on the international section of their news broadcast. They interviewed a number of the band members including myself. I'm told VTV will be using my interview later on (and other band footage) for a feature on expat living. Please note the awesomely sexy instrument I'm playing at 1:23. That's a Euphonium, and along with trombone those are the best instruments ever invented in the history of mankind. Now chill, and enjoy a few photos after you've watched the video.

Mark is caught in a timeless pose, photography by Lien Deweer.
There was a large crowd (200+) at the Green Mango that night and over $3,000 USD were raised for Myanmar aid. Last three shots, photography by

Friday, June 13, 2008


If you're in the neighborhood, Sarah Renfro plays the BAMcafé in Brooklyn, New York on Saturday, June 21. This comes in between recording her new album Twig & Owl, and a number of appearances including a cameo on Comical Radio, as well as following a comedy show at the Zipper Factory. Check out Sarah's site for more info on the shows page.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ordinary Deviation

Downbeat magazine published a photo of mine in their June issue (which strangely already came out at the beginning of May). It's a shot I took of Sara Jacovino at the Addison Jazz Festival. Sara just won a couple of Downbeat composition awards - one for a groovy tune called Ordinary Deviation and the other for Noctilucent Shift (which I'm sure also grooves as hard or harder, but I haven't heard it yet!) This is no surprise, as Sara's been playing and writing for the internationally acclaimed One O'Clock Lab Band, and recording on Snarky Puppy's yet-to-be-released album Bring Us the Bright. To highly understate things, she's pretty good. This summer, she'll be touring with the One O'Clock in Europe.

Here's the original photo, in all its technicolor glory! (or Adobe RGB 1998 color space anyway!)