Monday, March 31, 2008


During the Tet holidays I traveled to Malaysia & Thailand and put my camera to work gathering images others had made around Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. Between checking out the Street Sketchbook and exploring photographic possibilities through the Graffiti Research Lab I was eager to see what people put on the walls in Southeast Asia. It was only after exploring two other countries that even I noticed any graffiti in Hanoi, Vietnam where I am currently living. Though a number of artists grace the walls of Kuala Lumpur, a group called "The Super Sunday" seems to be on top of the scene. They put up a mixture of artistic and political art. Here's an extended album of my holidays' shots.

This little guy was all around

The street sketchbook is coming out with a film, trailer below:

And parting shot for this blog post:

Monday, March 24, 2008

thin line, one more time

The documentary-inspired Thin Line Film Fest is heading into its second annual festival. At the beginning of this month, Texas Filmmakers opened up the call for entries and is set to co-host five documentaries at AFI Dallas. You can be part of the action by attending, sponsoring, or volunteering. The festival is set for September 24-28, 2008 in Denton, Texas.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

future projects


Check out this Parkour video. Then check it out again...and again! Once it gets 100,000 views, traceur Matthew Willis of Texas Parkour will return Sunny California to be featured again on the American television show Big Shot Live. He was featured recently and collaborated on a motion capture session with the studio House of Moves, and stunt coordinator Garrett Warren. As of last November, I've been corresponding with Matt to arrange a shoot himself and the members of Texas Parkour. It's slowly coming together, and will probably happen this summer on a hit-and-run trip through Texas and possibly New York.

That being said, if you're a skating/biking/breakdancing/boarding/freestyling type and have an interest in being photographed, drop me a line: I will collaborate with the best.

After you've checked out the Big Shot Live video Matthew Willis' demo video:

*the images/video in this post are not affiliated with - they are used only as an indication of future projects.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Wood Are Sick

"Let's start with a controversial example"

A funky jazz cat; a soulful rockstar, with a tenor trombone.
Nick Wlodarczyk. Five consecutive consonants touring the globe with rock band Polyphonic Spree - Jammin' with Paul Slavens, Virtual Insanity, Backside Pick, Little Brian, he's been a Thelonious Monk Institute Finalist, placed high with ITA, and played bone on a Grammy nominated recording with the Mancini Institute. Nick's even been at IAJE as a vocalist, recorded his own CD, and could probably make it as a stand up comedian! He's a swell fellow. (Illustration above by Nick Earl)

Nick, straight up. Below, Nick's CD release party at the Greenhouse restaurant with Tony Baker (left) and LA-based trombonist Andy Martin (left). Not pictured, but still drummin' it up: Michael D'Angelo. Nick Wlodarczyk currently studies under Steve Wiest, and is featured nationally in many performances like this one.

With Jamiroquai tribute band Virtual Insanity, Nick trades his trombone for a tambourine.

I just included the Backside Pick logo 'cause it's so fun! They've recently been on a tour to Costa Rica and have released an EP titled Like I Do

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Do you live an Inter Continental life?

March. I started off strong this month by shooting the Spring line for the Australian brands Contraband and Things of Substance at the Hanoi Intercontinental Hotel. This is your sneak-peek into the shoot.

more to come!