Thursday, March 6, 2008

future projects


Check out this Parkour video. Then check it out again...and again! Once it gets 100,000 views, traceur Matthew Willis of Texas Parkour will return Sunny California to be featured again on the American television show Big Shot Live. He was featured recently and collaborated on a motion capture session with the studio House of Moves, and stunt coordinator Garrett Warren. As of last November, I've been corresponding with Matt to arrange a shoot himself and the members of Texas Parkour. It's slowly coming together, and will probably happen this summer on a hit-and-run trip through Texas and possibly New York.

That being said, if you're a skating/biking/breakdancing/boarding/freestyling type and have an interest in being photographed, drop me a line: I will collaborate with the best.

After you've checked out the Big Shot Live video Matthew Willis' demo video:

*the images/video in this post are not affiliated with - they are used only as an indication of future projects.

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