Monday, March 3, 2008

Wood Are Sick

"Let's start with a controversial example"

A funky jazz cat; a soulful rockstar, with a tenor trombone.
Nick Wlodarczyk. Five consecutive consonants touring the globe with rock band Polyphonic Spree - Jammin' with Paul Slavens, Virtual Insanity, Backside Pick, Little Brian, he's been a Thelonious Monk Institute Finalist, placed high with ITA, and played bone on a Grammy nominated recording with the Mancini Institute. Nick's even been at IAJE as a vocalist, recorded his own CD, and could probably make it as a stand up comedian! He's a swell fellow. (Illustration above by Nick Earl)

Nick, straight up. Below, Nick's CD release party at the Greenhouse restaurant with Tony Baker (left) and LA-based trombonist Andy Martin (left). Not pictured, but still drummin' it up: Michael D'Angelo. Nick Wlodarczyk currently studies under Steve Wiest, and is featured nationally in many performances like this one.

With Jamiroquai tribute band Virtual Insanity, Nick trades his trombone for a tambourine.

I just included the Backside Pick logo 'cause it's so fun! They've recently been on a tour to Costa Rica and have released an EP titled Like I Do

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