Monday, February 25, 2008


In developing my own style, I've been helped along the way by a number of designers, musicians and other photographers. Much of my immediate identity comes from my business card (front side pictured above) and one of my favorite avatars (below). The business card design is incredibly simple, but between the front & back sides, designer Paul Treviño and I had about 3 hours of discussion on simple spacing, font, font size, printing & cutting. I always have to laugh at how much time is put into good design, and how difficult it is to make something so simply elegant.

The man behind the mask: Daniel Rojas, jazz guitarista from Costa Rica. When you travel that far to live in Texas, it's good to play on a Steinberger

On the same day I grabbed a few shots of saxophonist Matt Gawlik, who is now based in Florida. Matt's also assisted me on a couple of shoots - check future blogs for images.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

[ mosé showsé ]

Inside the 972 lounge in Addison, Texas (above) Emily Bischoff for Antonio Wingfield. Below, Tim Musomba for August Alexander. Shot at The Tower Club, Dallas atop the Thanksgiving tower.

Tim is a model, entrepreneur and president of Models of Style Exposed (mosé) at the University of North Texas. Mosé actively integrates UNT students with the fashion industry by facilitating networking with other students of design & photography and by getting models walking in fashion shows for DIFFA, and other events/designers featured in this post. The organization has previously been featured on the show "Good Morning Texas" and holds its own show every April featuring boutiques and designers from DFW.

Above, more of the August Alexander collection by designer Courtney Russell

Jamal Rahman for August Alexander at the mosé show (above)

Friday, February 22, 2008

The Spike Band

The Spike Band! These guys have soul, and that's all you need to know. For the extra curious,
Spike Sikes keys & vocals, Al McIntosh trumpet & guitar, Mike Flores guitars, Ben Jackson drums Daniel Sledge bass, Yugi bass, Colin Hinton (not pictured) also on drums.

Daniel's below:

The man. Spike Sikes:

Mike Flores!

Someone asked me about the chronology of my blog recently. I'm drawing from past and present shots since I'm new to blogging and haven't had the chance to write about shots I love and others commend me on. These shots were taken last summer just after The Spike Band's release of their CD what it is

jump! It's only the beginning.

My favorite way to photograph people is when they are in motion. Having grown up skating, I've taken my share of action snapshots and see urban spaces in a unique way - how I can make 'em my playground. I draw inspiration from the ethic of Philippe Halsman. I am making and have made plans to photograph a number of extreme sports (including Parkour) upon my return to Texas.

The shot above is of Laura Mays, talented singer-songwriter-guitarist . . . and here's a short clip of my attempt to get a different shot on the same day :


feeling Krabi

In my recent travels though Viet Nam, Malaysia & Thailand I've begun taking a number of cityscapes. I'm especially impressed by the night lights (and architecture) of the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur (below) and most highly impressed by the electric personality of Melanie Dunn (above).

Also in KL:

Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam - aka "Saigon"