Monday, February 25, 2008


In developing my own style, I've been helped along the way by a number of designers, musicians and other photographers. Much of my immediate identity comes from my business card (front side pictured above) and one of my favorite avatars (below). The business card design is incredibly simple, but between the front & back sides, designer Paul Treviño and I had about 3 hours of discussion on simple spacing, font, font size, printing & cutting. I always have to laugh at how much time is put into good design, and how difficult it is to make something so simply elegant.

The man behind the mask: Daniel Rojas, jazz guitarista from Costa Rica. When you travel that far to live in Texas, it's good to play on a Steinberger

On the same day I grabbed a few shots of saxophonist Matt Gawlik, who is now based in Florida. Matt's also assisted me on a couple of shoots - check future blogs for images.

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