Sunday, June 15, 2008

look mom...I'm on VTV!

The benefit gig the Van Ho Ba played at the Green mango was filmed by VTV in Ha Noi, Viet Nam and televised on the international section of their news broadcast. They interviewed a number of the band members including myself. I'm told VTV will be using my interview later on (and other band footage) for a feature on expat living. Please note the awesomely sexy instrument I'm playing at 1:23. That's a Euphonium, and along with trombone those are the best instruments ever invented in the history of mankind. Now chill, and enjoy a few photos after you've watched the video.

Mark is caught in a timeless pose, photography by Lien Deweer.
There was a large crowd (200+) at the Green Mango that night and over $3,000 USD were raised for Myanmar aid. Last three shots, photography by

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Anonymous said...

Dear Michal,

Mummy and Daddy love you and we think you are great. Don't forget to come home someday.
We love you.