Thursday, February 26, 2009

On a Slow Boat to China

I have moved to Hong Kong.

(It's nice.)

There are no pictures for this post, because it represents potential rather than people met or goals achieved. My main goal is to truly become part of this community, especially in the arts scene.
For now, imagine a photo for this post and expect to see many later.

What are you doing? Specifically?
I'm serving as the Asia Promoter for Sitmom Records, bringing Snarky Puppy to Hong Kong and other Asian countries in early 2010. There is much work to be done, but I made many contacts before my arrival and even more in my first few days throughout a series of meetings and social gatherings. I am also seeking other media opportunities in photography and film. I have a hushed excitement that is equally shared with friends and colleagues in Manila, Texas and China.

Special thanks to Ashley and Phil for taking me in during my first few days!
(Happy Birthday!)
Congrats to Lori on your new job with Mabuhay magazine!

Call me: +852 9154 4837

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