Thursday, March 12, 2009

Food for thought

'Food for thought' is a new business in Viet Nam out to empower street kids to become employees and leaders in the hospitality industry. Having done a very small amount of development work but being associated with those that do, I am especially excited about this particular project because it is one in which egos have been put aside to truly concentrate on the purpose of empowerment. Empowerment is the quintessentially important aspect of sustainable development and eventual self-development within a country. It is Abraham Lincoln's notion of "teach a man to fish."
On egos: It is much too easy within an business, NGO or aid program to see oneself as the great savior of an exotic people. To effect any real change, we must see ourselves as global citizens, put aside our egos, and help a friend in need. The world is your neighbor. Social groups as Rotary, Lions, and Optimist clubs usually are the best at using their skills to create positive change.
Here's more detail on the organization from their site,
"'food for thought’ brings together 5 star luxury and street kid poverty. The hospitality industry needs well-trained, enthusiastic and committed staff. Street and disadvantaged young people need education, training, and a chance – a chance to fulfill their potential, a chance to build a career and a chance to embrace a brighter future. ‘food for thought’ provides comprehensive hospitality training in a real-life environment for young, marginalized and disadvantaged kids. When they complete the 18-month training programme and have perfected their skills in our ‘food for thought’ training restaurant, these young people graduate to find secure long-term employment in local 5-star hotels and restaurants, enabling them to lead independent, productive & successful lives."

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