Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oso Closo: First sounds in Hong Kong

Today, I received in the mail Oso Closo's new album "Today is beauty's Birthday." Those musical geniuses in the bands also happen to be marketing geniuses and were able to raise the funds for their albums through presale albums that are signed. My eager ears are already listening to their tunes and I'm diggin' it the pace and surprises here and there with the strings section, wailing guitar solos, and modern yet nostalgic vibe. The funny part about the album is the legalish disclaimer on the actual CD: "Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited by law, but honestly, if you want someone to have this, and finances are an issue, just copy it. Just promise that you'll come to a show next time we're in town. Thanks."

Photographed on Henessy Road in Hong Kong SAR, China

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