Sunday, April 13, 2008


Discover Daluva - Wine, Tapas, and events in the Westlake district of Hanoi, Vietnam. Daluva was recently opened and featured in this month's "Feed Me" section of East & West magazine. This set of photos I took for Daluva's advertising and to decorate the walls of their cozy establishment.

Nem, one of the delicious tapas at Daluva and a Vietnamese specialty. True to my previous food photography, I promptly had a taste once the work was finished. It's yum, and my favorite tapas dish is the spicy Italian meatballs.

These are a few of the regulars from Westlake out for a drink. Daluva had the novel and tasty idea to throw two opening parties and an art exhibition in the first days. After about 5 weeks of business they have a solid customer base that far exceeded expectations. There's even a place for kids to play upstairs (and I know this because I never want to grow up).

...and a parting shot: red wine, white wine. Alone together.
Seriously, this place is good.
Daluva. mmm...


'Doc' said...

Hey Michal, how're things? We never met in Hanoi as I arrived after ytou left. Quick question, would you care to share some info on how you lit and shot these? said...

Hey Doc, I lit the majority of these with an Alien Bees strobe pointed at the ceiling such that it bounced (diffusion is a safe solution) at approximately a 45 degree angle (and to the right or left, not centered) to the subjects. If I remember correctly, in the group shot where everyone is sitting down I did basically the same but with the strobe + umbrella pointing directly at the people. That is because some parts of Daluva do not have white ceilings and cause reddish brown color casts that are impossible to remove by simply changing camera white balance.