Monday, July 14, 2008


Japanapop isn't a word you hear every day. I think someone made it up - probably someone in the above photo named Carly Erin (pictured center). I just came back from Japan, and my assumption is that somehow on the day of the shoot, Carly must have had sushi or Takoyaki. Who knows? Either way, it was a fun photoshoot (with an awesome name) and an old series I wanted to share before bringing in a whole bunch new of stuff - Backside Pick, musicians from Sitmom Records, Parkour and other excitement when I head to New York (just 2 more days! hooray :-)
Carly Erin is pictured with Emily Bischoff (left), and Amanda Popkin. Matt Gawlik assisted.

I used this shot for an older version of my website

Left to right (above): Carly, Emily Amanda

Here are the mods doing an impromptu shot with Matt.

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