Monday, July 28, 2008

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Parkour is from France, like fromage. But this art is not growing moldy. On the contrary, it moves. Fast. But in case you plan to be chasing cheese in Gloucester anytime soon, you might want to take a lesson from the friendly folks from Texas Parkour.
On an adventurous (rainy) summer day in San Antonio, Texas I captured these images of Jereme Sanders (above) and Matt Willis (below). I previously blogged on Matt as he was on the show Bigshot Live!

This move is called a "vault" - Parkour connoisseur's take note: this standard move has been accentuated for visual interest.


Backlit Backflip.


curious doodles said...

Wow, they look so effortless. I think I'm just going to aspire to cheese chasing.

Karen J Montalvo said...

Oh my Oh my!!
Brilliant man! I really admire your work. These guys are awesome aren't they? :)

Karen J Montalvo

jonnydonut said...

great motion and energy in these shots. i have some friends who are into this stuff, they call it "freerunning"

vid said...

it's so cool!!!