Thursday, October 16, 2008

CPDRC inmates of Cebu

The CPDRC inmates rock out their prison and Cebu! Famous for their clips on youtube and international press coverage, the inmates represent a unique case in criminal justice. When I first saw them on the news I was skeptical about the dancing - was it a human rights violation, or an expression from the soul? After viewing the (2-hour!!) performance and meeting a few of the inmates myself, I was convinced of the latter. The Philippines loves its Karoake, and they love to dance. Within this culture, this is one of the greatest things that has ever happened for prisoners. I'm proud to say it was turned around by the powerful GarcĂ­a family of Cebu (No relation, I think).

Samim poses in a break-dancing position with the inmates

These are the happiest prisoners I've ever seen.

A prisoner acts the part of a zombie for his part in Michael Jackson's "Thriller"

The girlfriend in "Thriller" is captured by the zombies and transformed into one.

Inmates pray as they begin their routine to a few songs from "Sister Act"

This prison looks uninviting from the outside, but it very fun on the inside.
I would love to see more forward-thinking prisons like this one.


Brent said...

Those are some impressive photos. The wide angle shot of the prisoners from above is spectacular.

Anonymous said...

Man, Michal, I LOVE these photos!!! I keep on staring at them and thinking: WAW!