Sunday, October 19, 2008

Zach Brock

When Zach Brock was in Dallas recording on the new Snarky Puppy album Bring Us The Bright, and I snapped a few shots at an impromptu jam uptown. He's the new face of jazz violin with his own group the Coffee Achievers and numerous collaborations including bassist Stanley Clarke, trumpeter Dave Douglas (Jazz's John Malkovich), Kurt Elling, Chris Potter and friends. I'll stop name dropping before it gets obscene. The man can play, and he's a nice dude too. I picked up his latest Coffee Achievers album at the jam and listened to it for the next three days before packing it away safely and journeying to New York and the Philippines.
A few years ago Zach was still a Chicago cat and I was playing his records as a DJ on KNTU. Now, he's moved into the New York scene where he's fitting in beautifully. Hey now!

The night's lineup was:
Zach Brock - violin
Bernard Wright - keyboards
Mike League - bass
Jose Aponte - percussion

Jose Aponte plays first-rate latin percussion, but this was my first time to hear him play jazz drums (stylistically) on a cajón - very cool!

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