Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fun, free photography seminar :-)

Four days from now will be the first session of my photo masterclass for employees and interns at Bigfoot Entertainment. I am including 70 links that will provide inspirational and practical material for the course. Check them out:

Zena Holloway
Nicoline Patricia
Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir
Jill Greenberg
Joseph Cultice
Chase Jarvis
Vincent Laforet
Richard Avedon
Lawrence Winram
The Year in Pictures
Paolo Roversi
Joey Laurence
Thomas Tukker
Lane Coder
Russell James
Article on Denis Darzacq's Falling People
Art Partner
Janet Bordeninc
VH Artists
Jed Root Photographers/Talent
Lund Lund
Lithium Picnic
Michael Grecco
Mark Laita
John Michael Cooper
Building Blog
Douglas Menuez
Gray Scott
Jean Philippe Martin
Julius Von Bismarck - Image Fulgurator
Scott Harben
Greg Booth
Serlin Associates
Wing Chan
Philippe Halsman
Ten Movies every photographer should see
Mark Bugzester
Drip Book portfolio site
TD Photo
Martin Prihoda
Rick Kosick
Carbon Made
Lost at E Minor
Pinhole Day
BBC in pictures
David Griffin speaks about photography at Ted Talks

FYI, How to & technology
Learn at
Digital Photography Review - best for cameras specs
Lens Babies
B&H photo video - price check & equipment
Flickr - photo sharing
One Model Place
Hasselblad Cameras
Article on Tilt-shift lenses
Strobist - learn to light
Wet Pixel - underwater photography
Show us you lights! Lighting setups mandatory
Best Canon Lenses
American Society of Media Photographers
All Things Photography
Model Mayhem
Take Better photographs - Wikihow
A digital picture of Britain
Ray Ring Flash

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