Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hong Kong Jazz Scene

My friend Ashley (a professional cellist and music educator in Hong Kong) turned me on to a cool venue called the Peel Fresco Music Lounge in Soho, Hong Kong which features live music 6 nights a week. Ashley is on top of the scene and suggested we hit the venue on a night when the cats pictured were playing:

Charlie Huntley - tenor sax
Eugene Pao - guitar
Ah Hong - Bass
Al Gordon - Drums

The heart of this group is the guitarist Eugene Pao, which would make Charlie the lungs, or maybe the brain as he's the group leader and plays a mean blues. Actually, I did bring up to Ashley that Eugene sounds like an asian jazz monster that's possessed by the ghost of Stevie Ray Vaughn - and they both struggle for control of his body as he improvises - or he's a Stevie reincaration. Either way, they all rock my socks off.

The last guy pictured sat in on one tune and sounded great! He's from the french part of Canada, but I didn't catch his name.

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Steve ten Have said...

Lovely series and that DOF is just spot on. Nice work!