Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tara Elizabeth

Currently, I'm working on a new set of photographs for my portfolio and possible site redesign. Here are a few of Tara Elizabeth I'm considering:


Matthew Lee Willis said...


Steve ten Have said...

Out of all of them I think I like three the most.

If you don't mind a little critique?

1. is really nice but I think you should've taken some nice flat sandals with - walk out in the booties and then switch for the sandals. The booties seem incongruous.

2. is a lovely shot but I'm a little distracted by the missing elbow. We have one elbow and the lines of her arms leading down and then - woops no elbow.

3. is really nice altho the horizon is putting me off a little and could do with a smidge straightening.

4. I love the pose and the setting - that boat is an amazing prop however I think if it were either a tighter crop or a wider crop the comp would be better. I would be gunning for a wider crop with all the boat in.

5, 6 & 7. I've never been a huge fan of the subject being in the middle of the frame and with 6 and 7 both the pose and the crop seem perfect but in 6 the edge of her hat is clipped off and in 7 she's planted in the middle with no 'space' to look into. If Tara was more to the left in 6 and more right in 7 they would be stunning photos.

Aside from that - the photos themselves are beautiful, the colour amazing and the subject brilliantly photogenic!

I hope I don't offend with the critique.


Anonymous said...

I like the next to the last one best. Its really great. I think Steve has some good critique and worth paying attention to. But you always have to be yourself and not change with EVERY critique made. Just listen, sort out the wheat from the chaff and take the worthy grains to heart. Everyone in Dad's office liked your work.