Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Last night I had quite the eclectic experience watching the Obama inauguration. To start, I watched it on the BBC - our country declared independence from the British 233 years ago and here I am watching the largest inauguration in history on their network. My Irish housemate Priscilla was pumping out Björk on her computer speakers, and I was relaxing in my apartment in Cebu, Philippines. I earlier went for a walk, and ended up playing volleyball (I declined the more widely played basketball) with my Filipino neighbors. Afterward I broke bread with my friend Taiwo, and among many things we discussed our roles in the world and social responsibility to our home communities (in Texas and Nigeria, respectively) just after I sent off a résumé to a Hong Kong publishing group. Back home, I happened to play a track I ripped from a compact disc I checked out the the Lawrence, Kansas public library - Joan Baez singing "A Mi Manera" - which is the same tune made famous by Frank Sinatra: "I had it my way." Most surprising of the night: Joan Baez has excellent Spanish pronunciation and BBC correspondents can't hide their feelings against George Walker Bush. Also, surprising is that I never hear Obama's middle name "Hussein" on American Television but it's spoken in its entirety on BBC. I just imagine a child being named Walker's almost as bad as being a kid named "Sue." Priscilla caught the last half of the inauguration speech but missed out on Aretha Franklin's heartfelt version of "My country, 'tis of thee" - a tune that was jacked from the Brits in the first place.
Today I began the new era of responsibility by waking up early and watching Ali G's "Bling bling." I have been globalized, or is it globalised?

*Above video was the Spanish election anthem. Enjoy Obama en Reggaeton!

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