Monday, September 29, 2008

Cebu by weekend

On the weekends, there's and eclectic mix of outings in and around Cebu. There's always karaoke, then there are the resorts, the islands, the live music venues - new music and cover bands. There's the church of Santo NiƱo, "Tops" overlooking the city, and casinos with very odd beauty pageants. BUT, on the way to seeing the CPDRC inmates there were kids singing verbatim the lyrics to T-Pain's "Apple Bottom Jeans" song. Here Katie Moon caught me in action photographing those children.

Here are a few shots in and around Cebu:

Karaoke at it's worst/best, depending on your perspective.

The view atop "Tops"

Near the twin lakes National Park, Negros Oriental

Stay tuned for a blog on the CPDRC inmates!

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Rebeka said...

Hey Michal,
IT is neat to see you in Cebu- it looks like teh kids really gathered round
Love you and miss you,