Friday, September 5, 2008


Today, I've been in the Philippines for 1 month! woot! Funnily, I just received a 2-page editorial I've been waiting for to post. Looks like it takes moving to another country to keep up on my last country's publications. These are from Vietnamese magazines as photographed for Contraband and Things of Substance at the Intercontinental Hotel, Ha Noi. Photoshopping and graphic design (on ads) by Bethany Bauman. Model: Kristen Allerton. Above editorial is from Tư vấn Tiêu & Dùng Magazine. Thanks so much to Trang for sending these all the way from sunny Ha Noi, Viet Nam!

This ad and editorial are from The Word Magazine, Saigon

The last editorial is from Sức Mạnh Công Nghệ Magazine.

You can watch a video and read other posts about this shoot here and here.

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