Monday, September 1, 2008

minor setback

In case you were wondering, Imacs don't travel well to Asia. If I had to choose a scape goat, I'd pick Cathay Pacific. Their Hanoi office did nothing useful for me during my time there. Good thing I have an apple care protection plan...or do I? uh-oh. Thankfully, no data was lost and you'll be catching a few photos from New York as well as Renfrizzle and a few new press photos for Snarky's CD release at the end of this month as they kick off their tour. I'll also be updating you on happenings at the adventurous and pioneering Bigfoot Entertainment.

And in case I didn't mention it, Imacs don't travel well to Asia.


jonnydonut said...

dang, that sucks.

curious doodles said...

Ugg! Sorry to hear about the computer. I hope it ends up being ok.