Saturday, September 13, 2008

Run away from me

*Gezellig best characterized Sarah Renfro's voice when they said it "sounds like an angel dripping with sin." From her abandoned east Texas roots all the way to her new home of Brooklyn, it's been a shift filled with honest, emotional music. Sarah, in her latest work approaches her voice and Rhodes piano from a new direction. Gone (but not forgotten) are the angry protests and in are the more subtle explorations of self-awareness, whether it be the Arvo Pärt-like vocalizations in "City in your Nightmare" or her "Little White House" in the backyard. Sarah's new music trades extra decibels for lyrics that strike harder. Much harder.

Sarah's been in on a number of collaborations with numerous accolades. Discover them through her site. For now, check out the Gutterth Compilation which features a number of Dallas/Fort Worth musicians and Sarah's track Judgement By Default.
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Written & sung by Sarah Renfro
Guitar, Bob Lanzetti
Recorded by Eddie Martin

Take a look at these photos as you browse through her music:
Photos shot in New York, New York

Just a hop & a skip away from NYU, the Blue Note, and Gay Street

These last few were shot late on a memorable, muggy and deserted Brooklyn night in late July '08.

*Gezellig is an awesome Dallas club
**Digital download avalaible with permission from artist

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