Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Outpost: Pinoy awesomeness!

Photography by Nathalie Heugas

The Philippines is an intriguing place when it comes to music. The club scene is playing a lot of house music these days and the live music scene is about 85% cover bands or what I have termed "Karaoke Favorites" bands. That's what makes Cebu's venue The Outpost such a joy to listen and play at. It is the little chunk of Denton or Austin, Texas in its own way. The Outpost plays predominantly Reggae music, but the beauty is in how they pull it off. Nathalie took these shots of Coolie Dread and the Microphone Commanders (CDMC) and they play a mix of Reggae, Rock & Hip Hop plus yours truly adding jazz licks over the top. Rock on CDMC!
I love love love to hear new creative music (especially improvisitory) and I wish that not more groups in the Philippines followed suit with Coolie Dread. Historically, the Philippines filled with mostly love songs but there's so much talent lying dormant, but like a Phoenix it will rise. Oh yes, you wait and see! But, I guess for now it's just gonna be "Apple-bottom jeans and the reeboks with the pumps..." which I'm, admittedly a fan of. As for George Michael and his "Careless Whisper" - well, that's my cue it's time to leave.

Thanks for shooting Nathalie!
PS - I'm playing at outpost tonight!

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