Friday, December 19, 2008


Photography by participants of my Photography Masterclass.

I led a Photography Masterclass at Bigfoot Entertainment and the participants took some outstanding pictures in the process. I'm proud, yay! The photographer's names are placed below each of the photographs except for the first, which was taken at the Shangri-La by Konstanze Pelargus. I picked it as the first because it is reminiscent of Brigadoon, a very cool old school drama. For more of their work, visit bigfootphotoclass on flickr.

Self-portrait by Fiona Cross, she says:
"trying to get my reflection in the glasses, and have my pictures and family in the back ground.
I chose the sunglasses as a reflection for various reasons: because you are what the other see, because you wear sunglasses to hide yourself from others and because i just love those sunglasses"

Macbook abstraction by Tascha Eipe

Filipino boats by Nathalie Heugas

The sun at noon (yes, it's the sun) by Tascha Eipe

Melinda with a hoodie, by Nathalie Heugas

Cowrie's Cove by Konstanze Pelargus. Konstanze says:
"These water photos are inspired by Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir. Her photographs make water and other landscapes look otherworldly and mystical. I am transported into another world when I look at her photographs. They look magical to me and I wish I was there and even that this particular world really exists."

Sunset, sea, and the Hilton by Charles Lastierre

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